Saturday, May 26, 2012

 LIFE has been BUSY!!  This blogging stuff just takes too long.....I am putting piles of laundry and dirty toilets on hold to catch up a bit.  So we moved in to house, baptized Carson, celebrated Mckenna's 2nd bday, house projects galore, surprise trips, and just watching these kids grow up too quickly!!  Makson is already 8 months old!!!
 He was laughing so hard at Mckenna, he started tearing up!  These moments make all the not so wonderful moments worth it!!

 Lizzie made it through kindergarten and loved it!  She's a smarty-pants and made friends easily even though we had to change schools.

 Holy blue eyes!!  I just love this little guy!  I swear he gets a million kisses a day between his mom and sisters....poor mak-ey

 Tyson watching the eclipse last sunday.  Totally awesome dude!
 Visitors for crazy Carson's baptism....good times noodle salad!

One of the many home making projects.  I never know what to do with these confounded little cut out we made this and it turned out great!  The leaves are the kids' fingerprints.  Yup, it was messy but fun.